"Come Alive on US 95" (Audio CD)

"Come Alive on US 95" is a CD that was made possible by a grant from the Nevada Commission of Tourism in 1998. It can still be occasionally found at some of Nevada's Welcome Centers, but due to state budget cuts, it is becoming exceedingly rare.

Fortunately on my travels, I picked up a copy and I have ripped the entire CD for your listening enjoyment. Tracks are narrated by TV personality John Tyson with some outstanding accompaniment and guitar tracks. It's truly a shame that the Tourist Commission stopped all production of this disc, but lucky for you, I've added the entire CD to my US 95 Roadtrip" so that you can play and stop it at your convenience during the road trip! Enjoy!

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A good guide is essential for the marker hunter and the best one I've found is Nevada-Landmarks by Paul Sebesta of Carson City. When I say Sebesta's site is good, I mean extensive. You won't find another single source for more information about Nevada's history."
-- Stanley White, About.com Guide (About.com, Reno/Tahoe)

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